A list of countries where we conducted research:

EuropeGermany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Russia, Turkey, Belarus AsiaChina, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Japan North AmericaThe United States of America (the USA), Canada The Middle EastThe United Arab Emirates, Iran Australia and New ZealandNew Zealand AfricaThe Republic of South Africa

As part of our international research, we have completed, among others, the following projects:

  • “Unusual properties of usual fruits”
  • “Taste of quality and tradition right from Europe”
  • "Tradition and quality of European meat”
  • "QAFP Quality guarantee"
  • "Role of bread and cereals in daily diet II”
  • "European poultry – strength in quality”


Currently, we have completed research in USA and Canada regarding the perception of European beef and pork.

As the only one organization in Poland, we currently co-operate with F.N.P.S.M.S. in Paris (National Federation of Corn Production and Sorgo Seeds), for which we have completed research in 12 European countries and in Iran, regarding perception of sorgo and corn (respondent groups were farmers and processors, among others).

Currently, as part of the campaign “All the tastes and colours of pepper, courgette and aubergine”, we study consumer preferences regarding types, tastes, colours and country of origin of pepper, courgetti and aubergine.